The threat of a terrorist attack has put a brighter spotlight on the Winter Olympics in the Black Sea city of Sochi, Russia. The Islamist threat has resulted in added security and fear by some nations that plan to participate that their people will be harmed.

Even with the beefed-up security by Russia, attendance may be down due to the fear of an attack by suicide bombers.

The United States plans to have Navy ships close by in case Americans have to be evacuated.

It may be that with all of the security in place, next month’s Olympic Games might be the safest place to be. But the threat of an attack always will be there. There is concern that potential female suicide bombers may already be in Sochi or in that area. They are widows of slain militants.

It is impossible to have 100 percent security. Russia wants to showcase the country as modern, progressive and competent to host the games. Russian pride is at stake and that’s why an all-out effort is being made to make the site of the games safe.

It’s a sad commentary on conditions in the world that these deadly threats pose the safety problems they do.