We now learn that the highly publicized security for the Olympic Winter Games at Sochi, Russia, is as uneven as the snow slopes there. The security in the beginning and before the Games was much tighter than it is now. The Russians say the security is OK.

The Associated Press reported Monday that guests are walking unchecked past metal detectors and security guards no longer are checking individuals by poking around pockets and ankles and food items, once not allowed, are getting through barriers that once banned them. Security measures now are uneven, not consistent at points, and much more relaxed compared to the beginning of the Olympics.

A few hundred miles from Sochi, Islamic militants are staging regular attacks in a long-running insurgency. There still are thousands of Russian troops across Sochi and the U.S. has two warships nearby in the Black Sea. No reason has been given by the Russians for the relaxed security. They say security is still tight. However, Russian guards have been observed using their phones, listening to music and in general are laidback.

No attacks have been made. The only incident so far has been a Ukrainian man’s unsuccessful effort to hijack a Turkish airplane the night of the opening ceremony.

It appears the security lacks the proper supervision and overall leadership. We hope the Games go on without an incident. It is nearly impossible to understand the Russian mind. That was proven during the Cold War.