A couple of times in the past, we have referred to the book “Non Campus Mentis,” which was compiled by Professor Anders Henriksson. It’s world history according to some college students.

The author said the imagination of the students did lift his spirits. He could have added that some really hit his funnybone. What came from the students is funny, but a rather sad commentary on their knowledge. Well . . . anyway, let’s move on with it.

One student wrote that “Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill and Truman were known as the ‘Big Three.’  ”

The fall of the Roman empire was a question. The answer: “Many of the theories about the fall of the Roman Empire were totally not possible, and some of them were. This included more than religion, too much slavery, not enough water, and smoking from lead pipes.”

“During the Dark Ages it was mostly dark,” a student wrote.

And this on the Middle Ages: “During the Middle Ages everyone was middle aged. People lived in or near the soil. Most were kept busy sewing the crops. Surfs were dentured and bonded to the ground. In times of crisis the serfs would seek refuse in the lord’s castle.”

The Feudal Age: “Medieval people were violent. Murder during this period was nothing. Everybody killed someone.” 

The answers on World War II were interesting, such as this one: “Germany invaded Poland, France invaded Belgium, and Russia invaded everybody.” 

“The situation before 1939 had all the ingredients to bake a perfect war. Stalin and Hitler used the Molotov Ribbon Drop Pack to divide Eastern Europe  on the eve of the war.”

Then there was this answer to a question: “Casualties sprouted on both sides. Billions died. Stalin carefully set his bead on Germany. After a time Charles DiGaul started a group called ‘Let’s free France.’ ”

What about the Cold War? Here is a student’s answer: “World War II became the Cold War, because Benjamin Franklin Roosevelt did not trust Lenin and Stalin. An ironed curtain  fell across the haunches of Europe.”

This is a classic: “Wars fought in the 1950s and after included the Crimean War, Vietnam, and the Six-Minute War. President Eisenhower resorted to the bully pool pit. John F. Kennedy worked closely with the Russians to solve the Canadian Missile Crisis.”

That’s enough for now.