To The Editor:

Open letter to Madame McCaskill:

Dear Senator, As a veteran, I am appalled at how little thought went into your initial endorsement of our president’s release of the detainees of Gitmo.

I am left to assume that you just endorse any and all lame-brained proposals that this president acts upon. After contacting your office, and talking with your staff, they assured me that you now have misgivings about the actions that the president took.

Need I point out that the proverbial mule is now out of the barn, and the only thing you can do is hope that he does no damage to the world that he now lives in, once again.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a mule. It is five avowed terrorists who have sworn to destroy this nation and see that their brand of “peace and harmony” is put into place. Oftentimes you pledge your support to the “military service members,” oftentimes you support the “need to defend this nation.”

And yet, when an issue of real importance is presented, you are all too happy to present your endorsement without thought of what the “real cost” involves.

Missourians have fought bravely in every conflict that has been foisted upon them for the preservation of this nation, and yet you endorsed the return of our adversaries and endorse the shutting down of a secure holding facility in Guantanamo.

I think that you are better carrying Obama’s water pail, then you are representing the interests of the people of Missouri. After having served our nation, I know what the true costs are to protect our nation. Costs are many, but the most valuable, most treasured, are the lives lost to defend her.

You don’t seem to get it. You don’t seem to understand that the world we live in is different than the world you and he envision. The world we live in is fraught with dangers and perils and by Obama’s actions, with your initial endorsement, he has made it even more so.

A time will come with evidence of this blunder manifesting itself with innocent loss of life, and I suspect that you once again will lament such atrocities and true to form “stand with the military’s effort.”

You helped open the barn door, have you the courage to shut it so it never happens again?

Stephen Grgurich