To The Editor:

I don’t always agree with everything the Franklin County commissioners say or do, but I wholeheartedly agree with John Griesheimer’s position on anti-smoking laws.

For one thing, all studies done are not reliable conclusions to the problem being studied. Some are slanted or even omitted by the funding entity to shed a more favorable outcome to their original cause for the study. For example, eggs were blamed for killing untold numbers of people by raising their risk of heart disease and people started avoiding them like the plague. Now, even those who opposed eggs the loudest have recanted and said they may not be so bad after all.

In fact, there are some doctors, alternative and conventional alike, that say they’re super food.

Having read and heard about several of the studies done on tobacco and just cancer in general, my opinion is that tobacco is just one of the many innumerable possible triggers or causes for cancer or heart disease. Almost anything can be implicated as a possible cause for disease. Even grilling meat on a grill creates heterocyclic amines thought to cause cancer.

So I agree with Commissioner Griesheimer’s opposition to a county smoking ban. Using the same logic as the anti-smoking advocates, the county commissioners would have to ban grilling meat in the county.

As far as the freedom to not be subjected to secondhand smoke goes, there are very few places or businesses left that allow smoking in or even around their property. Even functions such as indoor monster truck exhibitions and motocross racing where the excess of exhaust fumes from exotic fuels make most of the people attending the event dizzy; if you are caught smoking a cigarette you will be escorted out of the building and possibly hit with a fine.

As shown in history, freedom for one is often oppression of another. The government cannot and should not try to protect us from ourselves or “all” the problems and evils around us.

If a person is scared of or just doesn’t like smoke, there are already a lot more places to go where smoking is banned than there are places to go and be allowed to smoke.