We believe in the United Nations up to a point. It has done some good, but overall its record to unite nations in efforts for a peaceful world, and to protect human rights, is a mixed bag. At times it has been downright timid in its actions. 

To begin with, we recognize to unite nations of different heritages, religious beliefs, cultures and ways of life is a huge task, particularly with the evil in the world. However, it’s not as tough as it once was.  With the effectiveness and advances in technology, the travel exchanges, the world has become smaller. Peoples of many nations have reached out to each other, such as the Sister City programs, student exchanges, and to put it simply, we know each other better today. But evil men control many nations, people are suffering and the United Nations isn’t doing enough to help people who are denied freedoms and who live in substandard conditions, lacking even the minor quality of life benefits other countries have.

We all know North Korea is an evil empire. A United Nations panel warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he “may” be held accountable for his acts, which include crimes against his own people, which range from systematic executions to torture, rape and mass starvation. The key word here is “may” be held accountable as a criminal. The U.N. panel should have said “will be” held accountable for crimes against humanity. The panel gathered enough evidence to “indict” Kim for his crimes. The report also said Kim “may be” responsible for crimes against humanity. The panel should have said “is responsible” for crimes against humanity.

North Korea again would like to take over South Korea. The U.N., chiefly the United States, stopped the 1950-53 invasion from the North, and saved the South from coming under the control of the communist North. It was a victory. It was a war, not a police action. The South has prospered and its people enjoy a solid good quality of life. Had the North won, the South now would be under the cruel rule of Kim.

Many Americans said we should have united Korea in the war. However, it must be remembered that China sent troops to North Korea and Russia supplied weapons and advisers in that war. President Harry Truman didn’t want a Third World War, with America going against China and Russia at that time, and settled for a cease-fire agreement. Korea had been divided after World War II, which wasn’t wise, but it was one of the concessions to Russia.

The North hasn’t tried to invade the South again because of the commitment from the United States to defend the South. And, the North no longer can depend on China and Russia for help.

The U.N. needs to take a tougher stand against North Korea. The panel merely gave Kim a slap on the wrist.