We respect the office of president of the United States even though we may not like who is sitting in the Oval Office. We do not like to see the president of the United States being ridiculed by heads of other states. It hurts when our president is being made fun of and considered a weakling.

It’s being done now by Russian officials, who know they have the upper hand in Ukraine. They are making mocking remarks about this country and our leaders. They appear to be provoking us almost to the point that they want to take us on in a physical way, in other words, engage us in warfare.

The Russians also are making fun of countries that form the Western Alliance. With benign leadership from the United States, Western countries also are appearing weak and disjointed in the crisis in Ukraine. President Obama’s “lead from behind” approach was doomed from the start. It was packed in naive tape and undeliverable.

We are hearing a lot about our threats to impose even stronger economic sanctions on Russia, whose dictator, Vladimir Putin, ignores as ineffective and dares the United States and other countries to “go ahead and impose them.” Putin’s stooges in his corrupt government have been mocking the United States, calling the sanctions a joke. They, too, believe our government’s leadership is timid and nothing to fear.

Putin is a bully and when you back down from a bully, expect more and tougher bullying!

What should be done? Impose the toughest, far-reaching sanctions as possible. Provide a show of military strength in the Ukraine area and support people of that nation who do not want to be taken over by Russia in addition to sanctions. That means aid in amounts necessary to gain Putin’s attention.

The Wall Street Journal in an editorial said this past week: “Sanctions are an imperfect foreign-policy tool, but Russia’s weak economy and dependence on Western capital markets give the U.S. and Europe some leverage if they are serious. The (early) sanctions Mr. Obama announced are worse than useless because their main impact will be to make America look weak.”

We don’t need any more actions that make America look weak and timid.

To us one off the most disgusting effects from Russia’s invasion and takeover of Crimea is the additional damage to America’s image in the world.  Our leadership is being mocked and made to look indecisive and as weak as a dying cornstalk in the Missouri River bottoms!