Warning to motorists: If you drive Highway 94 in Warren and St. Charles counties on a weekend, exercise caution. Why? Traffic, lots of it, and for the most part it’s a narrow road.

That stretch of Highway 94 is particularly hazardous because the traffic includes motorcycles, by the hundreds, especially when the weather is nice.

From Dutzow to near St. Charles, the traffic is heavy due to a great extent to the many excellent wineries that are located along the route. The route is, first of all, very scenic, especially around the Augusta area. But the highway, along with being narrow, lacks shoulders in many places, is hilly and lined with curves.

Attention needs to be given to add shoulders wherever possible. It is not possible in some sections.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) needs to focus on Highway 94 to determine what can be done. More people live along the route, adding to the traffic. It is a highway that motorists also must exercise a high degree of alertness.