It was wise for the curators of the University of Missouri System to freeze tuition at current levels. Higher education costs across the country have increased to the point that attendance is out of reach for many students.

Curators voted to freeze resident tuition at current levels for the 2015 fiscal year. Most students in the system’s schools in Columbia, St. Louis, Kansas City and Rolla will pay $8,335 in tuition in the fall. Missouri is among universities that have kept tuition levels reasonable and affordable. The tuition costs at some public higher education schools are way too high, and deny opportunities to attend these colleges and universities to residents of their state. They are forced to go elsewhere.

The enrollments in the MU system have been on the rise. One reason is because tuition is reasonable. Most higher education schools are trying to hold the line on increases. School officials realize they’ve got to rein in costs.

Community colleges are affordable. Attending one and staying at home is becoming more attractive.

MU had been raising tuition and fees over the past five years by an annual average of 2.2 percent. That compares to 6 percent at other public campuses in surrounding states.

Missouri is a conservative state. That could be said of public higher education institutions in the state also when it comes to tuition costs.