Since its very beginning, Boy Scouts of America has advocated good deeds on the part of its membership. In attaining the top rank of Eagle Scout, one of the requirements is to propose a project that would be of general benefit to the community, public or private. The Washington Parks Department is going to benefit from four projects by Boy Scouts.

The Scouts briefed park board members at a recent meeting on their proposed projects. The Scouts’ projects include landscaping, signage and watering stations for dogs at the riverfront trail. The Scouts selected the projects and the park board has approved them.

This is excellent training for the Scouts. The projects involved included an exercise in thinking and planning, and will require physical work. It’s a learning experience. And, at the same time, the projects are worthwhile.

The projects are in the category of good deeds. Chances are when these Scouts become adults, they will reflect on the projects and what they learned from them. We congratulate the Scouts on their good deeds.