The deadline to file for local, state and federal offices that will be on the Aug. 5 primary ballot is this coming Tuesday, March 25. A few races have developed for some offices.

It’s the same old story. Too often for some important offices there is little interest in filing. We complain about the actions of many elected officials, but the complainers rarely file. Now we know there are some people who file who have an ax to grind, are mad about something, or are concerned about a single issue, or two.

Let’s face it, we all know some people file because they need a job. Some offices pay well and there isn’t that much to do. We have some elected county officials who work only part-time. Their office staffs do most of the work.

Then the cost of running for an office deters some would-be candidates. It has become quite costly to run for federal or statewide offices.

We complain about lazy and incompetent public officials. Yet qualified people won’t run for whatever reason.

We need candidates and officeholders who have common sense, are objective, want to serve the people they represent, are honest and will work to perform the duties of the office with an attitude to help improve government.

There have been an increasing number of people who seek a public office, are elected and their chief interest is themselves. They want to perpetuate their political careers, seek the power of the office, don’t care about the people they represent and use this or that office for a stepping stone to higher office. We elect some officials who are only interested in themselves and their well-being.

The only way we can have a strong democracy is to have strong and qualified people in charge. We need participation in our government and that means seeking public office with a goal of serving their nation, state, county, district and people. It usually is a sacrifice. Countless good people have made the sacrifice to serve their country. One way to do that is to serve in public office.