We all know many viewers of the Super Bowl do so to look at the ads. Some ads have been very creative and enjoyable. Others have been duds, with millions of dollars wasted by the advertiser.

Hot in the market this week are ads advertising the ads that will be shown during the Super Bowl.

The cost for a Super Bowl ad is about $4 million for a 30-second commercial. About 100 million viewers are expected to watch the Super Bowl this year, according to The Wall Street Journal. One company is spending $5 million to promote its game-day advertising. It also spent about $5 million to produce and film the 60-second spot.

Running ads to promote Super Bowl ads is not new. However, more money is being spent today than before to do it.

The Super Bowl has become more about money than a championship. The National Football League is giving people what they want. Pro football is the nation’s most popular sport, according to reports. People buy the high-priced, single-game tickets. Many shell out a bundle as season ticket holders. Television rights bring in millions of dollars. Pro football is big business.

The game promotes gambling, from small to big bets.

The location of this year’s Super Bowl in East Rutherford, N.J., has resulted in some criticism. The stadium is not a dome. Cold weather is expected.

Often the ads shown result in more after-game conversation than talk of the actual game. That’s football life today.