To The Editor:

While the commissioners of Franklin County profess to govern in the public’s interest, they once again adopt a practice that endangers the public.

Case in point: the agreement between Ameren and Franklin County to use coal ash to de-ice county roads.

Just imagine coal ash being broadcast throughout the county! Personally, I am troubled by the coal ash and cinders being tracked into our garage; however, far more significant is coal ash, with all its carcinogenic and radioactive elements, being broadcast where they can enter our drinking water, poison the environment, and affect crops and livestock!

Clearly, we want to keep our roads safe, but there are other ways to do that: using salt, sand, or gravel, or pre-treating with chemicals such as chlorides, glycols or urea to mention just a few.

True, Ameren’s coal ash will be free — but at what price to public health and well-being?