Russia spent $51 billion to host the recently ended Olympic Winter Games. That raises the question of whether it’s worth that kind of money.

Will Russia get a return on the money it spent at Sochi to prepare that area for the Winter Games? Will Sochi become a winter playground as a result of all the publicity and coverage of the Games?

The Olympics showcases a country, that is an area of it, and reflects a country’s ability to prepare the site for recreational and other events after the Games are over. The site, of course, must meet all of the standards required by the Olympics. Russia didn’t have all of the facilities ready, such as hotels, and has cut back on what was originally planned. The weather also was not ideal every day of the Games. The opening and closing ceremonies challenge a country to stage glittering extravaganzas. This year it was as lavish as other countries have staged. Those ceremonies are expensive.

Time, of course, will tell about the future of the Sochi area. There is doubt whether it will become a winter playground that draws visitors from many nearby counties. Part of that general area, especially the Ukraine next door, has been a bloody zone with internal unrest, and the country has major financial problems. Russia has not been a major vacation destination.

Russia proved it could stage an Olympic event. Russia spent a record amount for the Games.

For a country to be selected for the Olympics, there is a great deal of prestige and pride involved. The competition is tough to be selected over other countries. The question is, is it worth the price?