In our Wednesday edition, we published a notice about the “Faces Never Forgotten” project that is being sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation. We all are aware of the national Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., that has the names of the nearly 59,000 men and women who served our country and died in Vietnam during the long war in the 1960s and 1970s. Now photos are being sought of those killed in the fighting. They will be displayed at the The Wall’s Education Center in Washington, D.C., and online.

There were 1,411 Missourians killed in Vietnam. The project is missing 743 photos of fallen Missourians.

The notice, in the form of an ad, listed 11 area military personnel who were killed in Vietnam and for whom photos are sought. Names were listed along with the date they died and their hometowns. If someone from this area that you know was killed in Vietnam and not listed, and whose photo is not displayed on the Wall of Faces at of faces/, please advise The Missourian, (636-239-7701, or

The Missourian will publish the notice several times so names can be added.

Photos are needed of the following casualties (name, date killed, and hometown):

Richard P. Bartle, Sept. 22, 1966, Villa Ridge; Lee C. James, Jr., May 15, 1967, St. Clair; Herman Parker, Jr., Sept. 5, 1968, Gray Summit;

Gary R. Burnett, March 5, 1968, Union; Anthony Knoll, May 25, 1968, Pacific; Ronald P. Remboldt, Dec. 4, 1971, Union;

Dale E. Greife, June 10, 1970, Union; Bertmann E. Miller, Nov. 1, 1967, Pacific; Daniel R. Scott, Feb. 18, 1968, New Haven;

George D. Harper, Feb. 1, 1970, St. Clair; and Steven R. Olson, July 22, 1968, St. Clair.

Photos may be sent online or by mail, visit:

The Missouri Press Association has contacted all of its members and asked them to participate in this project by running free ads seeking the photos.

It was recognized that community newspapers, such as The Missourian, are the best way to reach people, particularly in rural Missouri.

This is a fitting project to help recognize those members of our military who made the supreme sacrifice.