There does seem to be ongoing efforts to politically destroy Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who has been considered a frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president in a couple of years. His blunt persona has an appeal to many people, especially the blue collar set. He’s a threat to the Democrats.

He has handled allegations of playing dirty politics well and may not be mortally wounded. He has admitted that his administration has had missteps and he hasn’t hesitated to take action by firing a key member of his inner circle. It has been pointed out by political observers that President Obama has never fired anyone on his staff who fumbled their responsibilities.

Voters seem to be leaning toward a candidate like Christie. He isn’t afraid to “rock the boat” and his bluntness has appeal to many voters. However, his “tell it like it is” approach can spell trouble on occasions. There is no question as governor he didn’t hire the best people. His judgment on that point would rate a “D.”

Gov. Christie is a moving target since he ranks high among Republican presidential candidates. He is a “would-be” runner. If he is a candidate, because of his style, he would make the contest interesting. Is he qualified? Was Barack Obama qualified? Christie has much more experience than our current president had before entering the oval office.

Christie seems to be a politician who can ride out storms.