To The Editor:

This is an open letter to Sen. McCaskill.

Where is the outrage with this administration over the apparent suspension of disbelief, in regards to lost emails of Lois Lerner, and six other persons working for the IRS?

I recall quite well the day you took President Bush to task for his offenses of conducting a war in which you voted “yea,” with far less evidence of malfeasance, than that being evident in this ongoing scandal.

You, of course, will state that it is being investigated and will, as soon as the DOJ is done with its investigation, have a position. Or maybe not. You oftentimes claim to believe in the “rule of law,” but seldom pursue a course of action that actually encourages that to happen. You sit quietly waiting for “talking points” to be heralded by this administration, so you can use them to bolster their position.

I know you have a position on this, you just haven’t expressed it because you do believe in “rule of law,” “innocent until proven guilty” and your finest ability, “obfuscation.” “Nothing for you folks back home in Missouri, to see here, either.”

You have been absent from the public eye in all these “bumps in the road” until you are called upon to “say a few words.” The litany of “just allegations, with no basis of fact” is staggering.

You have been absent in all these “incidents” until it is time to “carry his water,” and then, only then, do you have something to say. Teddy Roosevelt spoke softly but carried a “big stick.” You speak softly and carry a “big schtick.” It is your signature performance, “remain quiet until needed.”

I don’t believe my fellow Missourians are being represented responsibly by you. We expect our elected representatives to be “honest, to self and others,” “trustworthy, to all,” “responsible in actions taken,” have “integrity,” “decisiveness” in judgment, and “accountable, to the outcome.”

I don’t believe we are getting our money’s worth out of you, our Congress, and sadly, out of our present president and his administration. You have sat idly by, and let this president run rampant with the Constitution and your very own job, as a senator, allowing him to dictate his vision of “rule of law” to the citizens of Missouri and the country.

You swore an oath to Missourians to represent us. Why don’t you start?