To The Editor:

We moved to Washington over 40 years ago and purchased homeowners insurance with a local insurance company. The agent was so cordial to us that I thought of him as my uncle. He told me the history of Washington, about Jaycees, where to shop and everything I needed to know.

I told my wife that if this town is as great as our insurance agent, that we have found the right place to live and raise our family. We have found this to be true but, we have recently found that this insurance company has changed and is not as great as we had once thought.

We have insured our home, cars, rental properties, trailers, studio, etc., and have long-term care insurance with this company. After paying over $600 per month on our insurance, which to us is a lot of money, we filed our first major claim with the company. A pipe in our basement burst because of the cold weather and flooded our basement while we were out of town. We had to have the carpet removed, the basement dried out, etc. Now for the “Rest of the Story!”

The insurance company, a national company, said that we had turned in nine “claims” and they had to drop us from their coverage! We had too many “claims,” which is totally not true. We had called them to check our roof after two hailstorms and they said that we did not have damage although neighbors on either side of us had their roofs replaced because of hail damage. We even had an estimate from a local, reputable roofer, who stated that we needed a new roof because of hail damage. We finally replaced our roof ourselves.

Another “claim” was when we called them to look at a fence which had blown down after a windstorm, which they also did not pay to repair.

Our insurance was canceled because of too many “claims” even though they had only covered one “claim.” So beware when you make a claim but get nothing from the insurance company. It still counts! It would have been better if our (new) insurance agent with this company would have explained all this to us. They might still have us as customers.