Sen. John McCain has been dead for seven months yet President Donald Trump keeps his criticism of the war hero alive. He can’t let it go.

Americans no doubt were surprised to see how quick New Zealand reacted to the shootings at two mosques that killed 50 people. The government announced a ban on the sale of military-style semi-automatic firearms and high-capacity magazines, which were the type used in the shootings in Christchurch.

Recycling of waste (the word is used broadly) has been growing in the United States and elsewhere. The New York Times last week had a front page story about a growing number of cities that are moving away from recycling because of the cost.

The Missouri Senate is considering another idea in SB 430 that would increase the state motor fuel tax from 17 cents a gallon to 23 cents within three years. Everybody knows voters last November rejected a 10-cent hike in the motor fuel tax. That bill had other funding in it and wasn’t a cle…

Prop S is getting the attention but Prop L is very important also. Prop S is for public schools and Prop L is for the Washington Library. Both will be on April 2 ballots.

Usually, I allow my colleagues to regale you about the Kansas City Chiefs.

There are countless fundraisers but few as unique as the one conducted for a chance to blow up the old Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River at Washington. The raffle raised about $15,000 for the BackStoppers, an organization that has the back of first responders and their families.

he killing of 50 people at two mosques in New Zealand has given more fuel to the fire in calls for gun controls, with no resolution worldwide to the problem.

With the corruption scandal unfolding in college admissions, the thought here was a question: Is this just the tip of the iceberg in the cheating to gain admission to a “dream” college?

The Washington School District bond issue that will be on the ballot April 2 has generated many positive messages in support, and hardly any negative ones, that the outlook for passage is good. But in elections one can never be sure of a victory.

The U.S. Senate’s vote to block President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration on our southern border was bad enough, but the fact that 12 Republicans joined Democrats in opposing Trump was an added punch to the president’s midsection.

Another Democrat, former Congressman Beto O’Rourke of Texas, has declared his candidacy for president. Can anybody remember all the Democrats who have ambitions to be president and who have formally announced that they are running?

There was a time when considerable emphasis was placed on setting an example for those people who are in one way or another under a person. Like so many other things, that virtue, such as in so many instances, is a lost value today.

Old-timers in Washington will tell you they can’t remember when three major properties on Elm Street were up for sale at the same time. The buildings are Schroeder Drug Store, Nieburg-Vitt Funeral Home and Purcell Tire & Service, as the businesses in them are known.

Nothing is more important to people than health care. Medicare and Medicaid are the subject of regular news stories, and their future in the government financing priorities causes worries.

OK, so National Football League free agency may not be as high profile as the process is in Major League Baseball, but they sure don’t beat around the bush.

ur county’s namesake, Benjamin Franklin, was a complex man, praised by many, criticized by others, but who has gone down in American history as a statesman, author, scientist, inventor, diplomat, even a business strategist and a practical political thinker.

The media, especially what we call the Big Media, which means big city media, especially reporters in Washington, D.C., has a fixation on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, sometimes referred to as AOC of New York. Even the Associated Press had a news story about the media fixation on AOC.

There were several remarks delivered by Marc Houseman Saturday at ECC to open Franklin County’s bicentennial observance that certainly are worth repeating.

More than 1,400 cities across the United States have lost their community newspaper in the past 15 years, according to the Associated Press, which studied data compiled by the University of North Carolina. The newspapers include dailies and weeklies.

As long as we can remember there have been attempts to downsize the Missouri General Assembly. There’s another attempt this session.

Democrats have taken the position that there is no emergency at our southern border. They should read Patrick Buchanan’s commentary on this page.

Quote of the week: “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

The Associated Press has checked out stories and visuals that were untrue that social media ran with recently. There are people who believe everything on social media. They don’t heed the warnings that “anybody can put anything on the internet.”

If you are young and want to advance from ground zero in an organization, the Space Force may be just right for you.

If you doubt that youngsters are reading books in this technical era with their always-available cellphones and computers, attend one of the annual Family Reading Nights sponsored by The Missourian. It is part of The Missourian’s Newspaper In Education program.

There are so many special week designations to draw attention to whatever, that one can lose sight of the significance of them. One of the weeks we bask in is National Newspapers In Education, which is this week.

We hope that when the culprit is arrested, charged and convicted for the bomb threat at Washington High School last week that severe punishment is levied.

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