Another government shutdown has been avoided, but there isn’t total happiness and that’s not unusual in legislation.

here’s no denying that Missouri is a state of all and many types of weather, some long, some short. A common saying in Missouri is, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait, it will change.”

President Donald Trump received many votes in the presidential election by being outspoken on issues that were on voters’ minds, using strong language and making promises that to some Americans had appeal. He also appealed to Americans who wanted a strong leader who would stand up to our ene…

Unlawful acts, often with violence, are an everyday happening in Franklin County. It wasn’t always like that. But with population growth and the general increase in criminal behavior fueled by drugs, we are seeing a high rate of criminal activity in the county.

Quote of the week: “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford

The promoters of Better Together, who plan to unite St. Louis city and county, withdrew their initiative petition but said it would be resubmitted with some changes.

The Washington Historical Society’s museum will reopen in March and for the entire month will feature “Over There: Missouri and the Great War,” a traveling exhibit on World War I.

Once a citizen is elected to a government office he becomes a public servant and what he does in government should be in open view to the people who elected him. The public servant by virtue of the office must be accountable to the voters who elected him, or her. Records must be in public vi…

Is there more interest in a third political party in the United States than in the past? If there is, is it due to disgust with the two major political parties — the Republicans and Democrats? Are there a growing number of Independents?

The city is making progress on its Locust Street redevelopment plan and it may be able to find a builder for the housing project in the near future.

Quote of the week: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

The St. Louis Police Department has been given a black eye by allegations of crimes by officers. In the last five months, 13 members of the St. Louis police force, or former officers, have been charged with crimes ranging from bribery to involuntary manslaughter, and civil rights violations.

We don’t know Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. We can’t say whether he is a good man, a person of integrity or virtue. We don’t know his record on racial equity issues. We aren’t in a position to judge his sincerity.

If he wasn’t before, he is now. Quarterback Tom Brady is a household name.There are sports heros and there are superheroes in sports. Brady is a superhero.

The Fourth Annual Military Ball hosted by the Washington NJROTC Booster Club Saturday night beamed with patriotism and highlighted the value of discipline and citizenship in living the American life.

There is interest in our state Capitol to send military veterans to private nursing or assisted living facilities rather than build new veterans homes to care for them.

The debate over building a wall for security at our southern border has a solution that will never happen. If Republican President Donald Trump, who champions the wall, and Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who opposes funding a wall, would both resign, Congress and the executive b…

It is unusual when a family-owned and -operated business observes its 100th anniversary of existence. Modern Auto in Washington has been owned and operated by members of the Feltmann family since 1919.

No business is except from hearing some consumer complaints, some legitimate, some questionable, others without merit. But no business or government agency we are aware of receives the number of complaints that the Missouri Attorney General’s Office does.

Some of the conditions in the United States today qualify as nonsensical. Maybe we always have had some of those conditions but the degree to which they exist today has reached a new high in ludicrousness.

There was a time when people in this area at this time of the year would get excited about a Super Bowl. Based on our experience with the former St. Louis Rams, that is no longer true. Too many people around here no longer look favorably on the NFL.The divorce was bitter.

Quote of the week: “The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot.”

With the New England Patriots once again preparing to play for another championship, it seems fitting to focus on the topic of professional sports dynasties.

We have found Sen. Roy Blunt to be a sound thinker with wisdom in his thinking. He reinforced those opinions in a network televised news show Sunday when he was interviewed about border security.

Gov. Mike Parson, by executive order, has reorganized the Department of Economic Development. By doing so he has cut jobs in the agency from 865 to 165.

We have all witnessed people driving while talking on their cellphones. It is very common in Missouri. So far laws to address this problem have been very limited.

Voters recognized the need to pay law enforcement officers more when they approved Prop P, a half-cent sales tax last April. The Washington City Council, with the additional funding, has given police an $8,500 annual pay increase.

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