Joe Biden, former vice president under President Barack Obama, often is criticized for his tendency to misspeak on issues or even in his storytelling zeal while campaigning. But he is a man of experience in the ways of the federal government and he has a reputation of reaching across the ais…

The Missourian has always had a welcome mat out for letters to the editor, but we can’t publish all of them, especially if they are very long.

Democrats, like their candidates, vary in their beliefs about the issues of the day and in proposing solutions. It’s a tough time to be a Democrat. It’s tough trying to decide which candidate to favor in the presidential primary election in 2020 for Democrats.

When e-cigarettes first hit the market in this country, manufacturers promoted them as a safer alternative to smoking. Americans bought the sales pitch and the vaping craze was born.

Judging by the ho-hum response from local lawmakers, a passel of gun control bills prefiled in the state Legislature face an uphill battle next session.

Bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House and Senate to establish a permanent Fallen Journalists Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Gov. Mike Parson was in St. Louis again this past week to meet with city and county officials to discuss what the governor calls a “crisis” with the gun violence in the state’s largest cities.

Working in President Donald Trump’s administration offers the potential to write a book about that experience. It has happened and will continue to offer the potential of being an author.

Why does Missouri give online retailers a sales tax break? Why the favorite status for online retailers? Missouri’s small retailers have to collect the sales taxes. Why doesn’t Missouri collect sales taxes from online retailers?

This area’s generosity and community spirit were on full display again Sunday as tractors rolled through Franklin and Warren counties as part of the Knights of Columbus Journey for Charity Tractor Cruise.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and a coalition of 50 attorneys general led by Texas Attorney General Paxton announced the launch of a multistate, bipartisan investigation of tech giant Google’s business practices in accordance with state and federal antitrust laws.

The General Assembly began its veto and special session Monday amid questions of why since the special session issue is somewhat unknown, even to lawmakers, and many people can’t understand the priority given to such a trivial matter.

This newspaper’s readers undoubtedly could provide examples of how persistence pays off even with road blocks that have to be overcome.

On cue, Gov. Mike Parson announced Sunday he is seeking a full term as governor.

When it comes to having a significant impact on people’s lives in Franklin County, has there ever been anything as significant as the establishment of East Central College?

If a petition signature campaign is successful, Missourians will vote on expanding Medicaid to make more people eligible for the health care program.

Churches make an impact on a community in many positive ways. A prime example is St. Peter’s United Church of Christ of Washington. It is observing its 175th anniversary.

The annual United Fund campaign has started and will run through September and October. The goal is a record $1.2 million.

For people who have spent their lifetimes living along the Missouri River, it’s understandable if they have lost patience with the federal government’s efforts to control this muddy body of water. It just keeps escaping its banks in spite of all the money spent to try to control it.

One thing that I’ve figured out in my time here is that you never stop learning.

The National Newspaper Association conducted its annual survey of urban and rural people regarding elections and candidates for political offices. It revealed newspaper readers are the people most likely to show up at the polls to vote.

If there was any question about the humane side of migrant workers in the United States, in this area it was dispelled with an act of courage on the part of five men who work for Happy Apples, a Franklin County company, located between Washington and Union on Highway 47.

It is noteworthy that Augusta has become the modern-day key area for “local” wineries of the St. Louis region, with local defined as St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Franklin and Jefferson counties, and eight counties in nearby Illinois. The St. Louis Business Journal ranked the wine…

Proponents of the ill-fated Better Together initiative to merge St. Louis City and County into one unified government advanced a number of arguments why the proposal made sense.

Vince B. Borgerding was a volunteer par excellence. He was the epitome of a community volunteer, always ready to serve.

With Labor Day upon us thoughts go back a long way to a different era when World War II created a labor shortage on the home front. Most able-bodied men were in the military or working in Defense plants. It was an all-out war effort in the early 1940s.

Franklin Countians who are agewise in the senior category probably didn’t think they would live to see the day when the county’s property assessed valuations for tax purposes would reach $2 billion.

Two legal cases that made headlines this week provide a sense of the magnitude of the opioid crisis in this country and the financial reckoning for drug manufacturers and distributors.

The warnings about climate change, along with supporting evidence, continue, but the world is slow to react. One reason is that the world is used to some of the reported causes, such as air pollution from burning fossil fuels, and it isn’t easy for them to let go.

When President Donald Trump mentioned the possibility of acquiring Greenland, most people took it as just another Trumpese pie in the sky, words hardly worth mentioning. If nothing else, it did focus some attention on the icy island.

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