Charm and enthusiasm is how Sales Manager Marlys Wilcox greets her customers at Wilcox Jewelers, 130 W. Main St., Sullivan. When it comes to helping her customers choose the right diamond, Wilcox has a few easy steps to ensure just the right purchase.

“There are many choices to choosing the perfect diamond,” Wilcox explains. “More goes into the purchase than you may think.”

The first step to buying the perfect diamond is to establish your budget and find a jeweler you trust. With 65 years in business, Wilcox Jewelers has earned trust from working with its customers, she noted. She believes in full disclosure and embodies an “old school” philosophy, which she learned from her father-in-law, George Wilcox.

“Mr. Wilcox taught me a work ethic that is honest and straightforward,” she said with tears in her eyes. “For that reason, we do things the way they should be done. We take great pride in customer service and practice the golden rule.”

When buying a diamond, education is very important. “Not only is it our job to sell diamonds, but to educate the consumer, as well.” Wilcox said. The four C’s to diamond education are carat, color, clarity, and cut. “Cut is very important, when desiring an eye-appealing scintillation,” Wilcox explained. The most popular diamond is the round brilliant cut which gives the greatest scintillation. The square-shaped princess cut diamond is the second-most popular cut. Other options to consider are the marquise, oval, emerald, and heart-shaped cut. “Traditionally, the round brilliant cut diamond shows the best reflection of light, but, no matter the shape, they sparkle!” Wilcox said.

Depending on your taste, Wilcox Jewelers has several showcases displaying “timeless” and diamond settings of “today”. Timeless diamond settings are elegant and simple like the solitaire or cathedral setting. The styles of today consist of micro set diamonds, as in a halo setting.

Wilcox ensures they will help you create the ring of your dreams. Striving to make the first meeting a lasting relationship is “more precious to me than diamonds,” Wilcox said with a smile.

Quick Tips

1. Establish your budget.

2. Find a jeweler you trust, like Wilcox Jewelers!

3. Educate yourself on the 4 C’s: carat, color, clarity and cut and determine the style and setting you want

4. When your ring design meets your expectations, we’ll proceed with your diamond ring order!

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