Blue Jay Gym

The Washington High School Blue Jay Gym soon will get a face-lift.

At its July meeting, the school board approved a request by the athletic association to powerwash and add illuminated letters to the exterior of the gym.

The project will be completely financed by the athletic association. No district funds will be used, according to Bill Deckelman, Washington High School activities director.

Ziglin Signs created a rendering of the letters, which are direct-mounted, internally illuminated channel letters with blue returns and white faces.

In the center is a large profile of the school mascot, the Blue Jay. On the left of the Blue Jay is “Washington High School.” The right side says “Home of the Blue Jays.”

Scott Byrne, board president, patted the association’s leadership on the back, noting that Darrell Hasenjaeger and Stacy Schiermeier, who run the club, are “on top of it.”

“They spend a lot of time raising money and doing good things for the school,” he said. “This is long overdue, quite frankly.”

Byrne said that when kids come home from a late night on the bus there is no light from the gym.

“It’s going to help illuminate the front (of the gym) a little bit. It’s going to enhance it, as well as add a little bit of safety,” he said.

Deckelman said in addition to lighting, the new look will be a source of pride for the students.

“The gym is many decades old. (The association) wanted something to add a little bit of pride to the school for the kids,” Deckelman said, adding that the letters will make a bigger statement than the current signage on the gym.

In total, the project is expected to cost about $17,000, Deckelman said.

The time frame for the project has not yet been ironed out, Deckelman said.