Twelve companies submitted competitive bids on the project to construct a new T-hangar building and taxilanes at Washington Regional Airport.

The bids, opened Thursday afternoon, range from a high of over $1.1 million to just under $750,000.

Brian Boehmer, assistant city administrator, said the bids will be evaluated before a recommendation is made to the city council on awarding a contract.

The estimated cost for the hangar and associated grading, paving and marking of taxilanes was $1.2 million, including design and engineering fees.

The new hangar is designed to house two large and 10 small planes.

Cannon General Contractors is the apparent low bidder. The company submitted a quote of $748,478.96.

Other bidders included:

R.V. Wagner Inc., $799,000; J.H. Berra Construction, $867,500; Kolb Grading, $882,068; Friese Construction, $921,000; Demien Construction, $942,360.77;

R.G. Ross Construction, $958,000; Gershenson Construction, $959,220; Steve and Associates, $975,040.73; Kozeny Wagner, $1,112,000; Lamke Trenching & Excavating, $1,145,951.20; and KCI, $1,166,708.51.

Since 2009, the city has accumulated approximately $550,000 in nonprimary entitlement grants through the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Aviation Division, leaving a local match of about $650,000.

The hangar will be paid for by the city, which plans to refinance some bonds, according to Boehmer.

The city plans to reimburse the fund through rental fees collected from those renting hangar space.

The taxilanes and apron areas around the hangar will be funded by the aviation entitlement fund grants.

Last year, the city awarded separate contracts to CMT to design the hangar and taxilanes.

Under a tentative time line provided by CMT, construction could begin in late June.

Based on a 130-calendar day construction schedule, the project should be completed by November.

Currently, the Washington Regional Airport has 20 single hangar units and four large units.

There is a waiting list of more than 24 pilots seeking hangar space.