The Washington Fair hopes to set a new world record for the most water rockets launched simultaneously.

People of all ages are encouraged to take part. The rockets will be launched Friday, Aug. 3, at 11 a.m. at the fairgrounds in the motor sports arena.

“We need everyone’s help to do this and it should be a lot of fun,” said Jennifer “JB” Giesike, Fair coordinator.

“We will have some rockets at the fairgrounds, but we would really like for people to bring their own,” she said.

People can learn how to make their own rockets this Sunday at the after-Fair parade party at the Farmers’ Market.

Giesike said representative from SCOPE (Science and Citizens Organized for Purpose and Exploration), a nonprofit group that promotes science education and innovation, will be available to help all of those interested.

SCOPE organizes free hands-on events to get students excited about science. The organization also helps adults upgrade to science careers and works to make science fun for everyone. SCOPE also will sponsor a Robotics and Science Day at the Fair this year.

Giesike said the current record for most rockets launched is 442. Fair officials hope to launch at least 550.

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