Eric Lause, who has been principal of South Point Elementary School for the past several years, has been reassigned to another position within the Washington School District.

Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer said a letter was mailed out Friday to South Point parents informing them of the change.

Assistant Principal Cara Jones will assume the principal duties in the interim, VanLeer said.

“Cara and other staff members will take on more responsibility until we fill the position,” she said. A search for a permanent principal will not get under way until later in the second semester.”

A new principal will be in place for the next school year.

“We decided to make a personnel change and we’ve transferred Mr. Lause to another post in the district,” VanLeer told The Missourian. “It’s not uncommon to make changes during a school year.”

Lause will assist in support services and technology, she said.

“Mr. Lause will help collaborate with building administrators on technology needs and do an audit with curriculum coordinators to make sure technology is being integrated into our curriculum per the common core state standards,” VanLeer said.

“We also will be doing a survey with students, parents and the public in regard to technology and Mr. Lause will help with that as well,” she added.

Lause also will help arrange product demonstrations on electronic devices the district may want to pilot in the future.

VanLeer said the technology staff is understaffed.

The district recently formed a technology focus group which will help to develop a plan to best incorporate technology into the daily work environment of district students.

The goal is to help students become more engaged and improve their achievement levels in all areas.