Washington’s emergency communications system, including 911, was down for about 45 minutes Thursday morning due to a problem with the backup generator system.

Brian Boehmer, assistant city administrator, said the problem occurred during the routine weekly test of the backup generator system.

Officials immediately implemented a backup plan with firefighters manning all fire stations and using cellphones for communication. Police officers switched over to using walkie talkies, Boehmer said.

The city communications division notified Franklin County of the problem and diverted 911 calls to the county system, Boehmer said.

Meanwhile, personnel were able to trace the problem to a malfunction in the UPS, Uninterrupted Power System, Boehmer said. The generator was working but the current was not passing through the UPS or battery backup, he explained.

Boehmer said the company which installed the backup power system had been called and will determine how to fix the problem.