Look! No Hands!

Jadyn Quattlebaum held her hands in the air as she slid down a giant slide at the third annual Borgia Fest Saturday, April 28. The weekend event was held at St. Francis Borgia Regional High School. Despite rain, organizers said the event went well.

Despite the rain, the third annual Borgia Fest held this past Friday and Saturday still drew crowds.

Sponsored by St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, the event featured carnival rides, game booths, music, sports tournaments and food.

“The crowds were actually very good,” said George Wingbermuehle, school president. “We had a lot of tents set up and that helped out. They were always filled with people.”

Wingbermuehle said Friday night’s turnout was down, which he blamed more on the cooler temperatures than the rain.

“But we had good crowds during the day Saturday and into the night for the concerts,” he said. “The company that runs the rides for us said they did a little better than last year.”

Three Borgia class reunions, meeting at the event, also helped to boost attendance, Wingbermuehle said. The Classes of 1977, 2002 and 2007 all held their reunions on the grounds.

“We had tents set up for them and it worked out great,” he said.

Wingbermuehle said the event isn’t about making money, but building community.

“If we make a little bit of money that’s great, but this is about bringing alumni back to the school and really inviting all of the community to our campus, and we did just that,” he said.

Borgia Fest will return next year, he added, on the last weekend in April.