Magruder Paving LLC, the company that’s repairing and resurfacing sections of Highway 100 and Route 47, has been awarded the contract to resurface Madison Avenue and pave various alleys.

The city council Monday night approved an ordinance to award the contract to Magruder which submitted the low bid of $301,638.50.

The city had budgeted $343,000 for the work this year, which also includes concrete repairs to sidewalks and curb and gutter at various locations.

There were four other companies bidding for the work.

They were: N.B. West Contracting Co., $310,344.15; Pace Construction, $324,500; Byrne & Jones Construction, $339,987.34; and Krupp Construction, $355,110.55.

Concrete Work

The city initially had $40,000 in this year’s budget for concrete repair work, but that was increased to $50,000 after the city received a bid for street sealing work that was $25,000 lower than the budgeted amount.

Now, with the additional savings with the Magruder bid, the city will look at adding more planned concrete work to this year’s street program, the council was told.

Earlier this year, City Engineer Dan Boyce identified a three-year concrete repair program that included the following work: the area bordered by Main, Fifth, Elm and Locust streets, estimated to cost $33,500; Fifth Street, $40,000; Cedar Street, $38,000; and Riverview Place/Boone Street, Edith and Rand streets and a sidewalk in front of 713 W. Ninth St., $5,000; for a total of $116,500.

At that time, council members expressed interest in increasing the amount of concrete repairs to avoid possible future liability issues.

Councilman Steve Sullentrup asked if the project would include concrete entrances to the library parking to replace the asphalt now in place. City Administrator Jim Briggs said the staff was waiting to see the unit pricing before proceeding with that.

Previously the council had discussed adding asphalt resurfacing work on Third Parkway but decided to hold off on that work until 2013.