No action was taken Monday night on a proposal to install a digital sign on a wall at the Washington Public Library.

The proposal was on the city council’s agenda, but members tabled the request which will first go to the Washington Historic Preservation Commission for review and a recommendation.

There was no discussion by council members.

Last week, the council’s administration/operations committee recommended approving the request for an LED sign that would be placed on the south side of the library for library and city use.

Final approval of the request likely will come at a future full council meeting.

Nell Redhage, library director, made the request on behalf of the Friends of the Washington Public Library.

The cost of the sign is just under $20,000, Redhage said.

The marquee would be purchased by the Friends of the Library from Ziglin Signs and would not use any taxpayer money except to run electrical power to the sign.

The lighted sign would operate with a wireless connection and could be updated from inside the library, Redhage told the committee.

The sign measures 92 inches horizontally and 61 inches vertically and has a depth of 30 inches.

The Washington Public Library logo displayed in green and blue will take up the top 24 inches of the sign with the remaining area to be used to display events and information.

The base is an additional 36 inches tall and 24 inches wide.

“The idea of putting it where we’re suggesting is that you will be able to read it coming from either direction on Fifth Street,” Redhage said.

The digital readout will be in red.