The Washington School Board has approved a new three-year technology plan for the district.

The plan was officially adopted at the board’s March 28 meeting.

In a report to the board, Rob Landers, technology director, said the plan will drive all purchases, training strategies and even various funding sources, such as grants and e-rebates.

“The new plan will carry us through 2015,” Landers said.

An educational technology plan is required by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Among the goals outlined are developing and enhancing instructional programs to improve performance and enable students to meet their personal, academic and career goals.

A committee of teachers and administrators is being formed to analyze how to give students more opportunities to use technology.

Other strategies include providing more teachers with professional development opportunities to develop technology-rich lessons; extending access to computer labs before and after school; utilizing technology facilitators to provide teacher training; and adding classroom technology, such as interactive whiteboards, mobile labs and media projectors.

Another goal is to recruit, attract, develop and retain highly qualified staff to carry out technology objectives.

Strategies with this goal include correlating all technology professional development with recommended staff competencies and expanding tech training opportunities and methods of delivery to include summer, evening and online.

A third goal is to provide and maintain appropriate instructional resources and support services, which will be dependent on the availability of funding.

The technology plan was approved prior to the April 3 election where voters rejected a $65 million bond issue for new buildings, renovations and technology improvements districtwide.

The district will continue its systematic process for upgrading replacing technology throughout the district.

Officials plan to continue with its five-year computer and network equipment rotation plan. An annual review found that no more than 20 percent of the district’s computers are more than 5 years old.

Other goals include promoting and facilitating communication through technology and providing an online tracking system.