A proposed annexation plan could go to the Washington City Council in about a month.

During their meeting Monday night, planning and zoning commission members further tweaked the plan which has been under study and undergoing changes for the last year.

A number of property owners within the annexation areas attended the meeting and voiced opposition to having their land annexed.

At the close of the discussion, members were told that the city staff would prepare new maps with changes suggested Monday night.

Those maps, along with recommendations for zoning of the areas to be annexed, will be submitted to the commission at its next meeting, Monday, June 11.

At that time, the board is expected to vote on a final recommendation and forward the plan to the city council for further discussion and action.

The council could make further adjustments to the proposed boundaries, or accept the plan as proposed.

The process will include developing an Annexation Plan of Intent, which outlines the city’s proposal and timetable to provide services within the annexed areas.

After the council settles on a specific plan, the recommendation is to hold meetings with property owners in the separate areas targeted for future annexation, according to Darren Lamb, community and economic development director.

Before making a decision on placing the annexation plan on the ballot, the city is required to hold a formal public hearing to get input from residents in and outside the city, said City Counselor Mark Piontek.

If the annexation plan is put to a vote, separate elections will be held within the city and areas to be annexed. If the measure receives a simple majority vote both in and outside the city, the annexation plan will be adopted.

If, however, it is rejected by voters in either area, the city would have the option of holding a second, combined election. At the election, the measure would require a two-thirds majority to pass.

After last month’s meeting, city staff members met to discuss the proposal and recommended setting specific goals for considering parcels to include in the plan. Those include:

• Provide a more compact and contiguous municipal limit area;

• Consider parcels of ground that are within existing service agreement areas of Public Water District 1 and 3; and

• Consider parcels where city water and sewer are readily available.

The board has been reviewing areas to the south, west and east for possible annexation.

South Area

Monday night, members agreed to further pare down the south area by removing Emerald City subdivision, Summer Hill Estates and Alexander Estates from the plan. Previously, the area along Pottery Road was removed from the plan.

Still included in the south area are Meadowlake Farms subdivision and large parcels east of the subdivision extending south from High Street.

West Area

The annexation area west of the Washington city limits is virtually the same as the map proposed last month with a few additions including property along Betsy Lane to the northwest of Vossbrink Drive and small parcel along the south side of Bluff Road just west of Heidmann Industrial Park.

Other areas in that annexation area include pockets of property north of Highway 100 surrounded by land that’s in the city limits as well as Highway 100 right of way along stretches outside the city limits.

That area also includes a large tract of ground north of Westlink Industrial Drive and south of West Main Street.

East Area

The proposed east area would be expanded slightly under a staff recommendation to take in property north of Old Highway 100 to the Missouri River, from the existing city limits to a point east of St. John’s Road.

Otherwise, that area is unchanged from the original proposal which includes taking in large areas both north and south of Highway 100, including parcels along Bieker and South Point roads. The east area includes a 60-acre parcel purchased by the Washington School District that lies east of St. John’s Road and south of Old Highway 100.

Go the Washington city website to view maps of the annexation areas.