The Washington Park Board tabled a request by the Fair Board to build a permanent building in the motorsports arena at the Washington Fairgrounds.

Bob Kloeppel, park board member, was concerned about the distance of the building from where fireworks are shot each year.

A certain distance from buildings is required for each size shell that is shot, Kloeppel said.

Joe Kopp, Fair Board member, said the proposed location is far enough from the grandstand, the proposed building, a house off North Park, city auditorium and a house off State Street.

“The track is over 300 foot long. I’m putting the building on the north side of the track. If you shoot fireworks off the south side, there will be plenty of distance away from all the buildings, including the concession stand,” he told the board.

Kloeppel requested the distances to each structure to submit to the fireworks company that does the Washington show each year, Lantis Fireworks and Lasers, Eureka.

“I would just like to get it coordinated with Lantis to see what kind of program they could come up with,” he said.

The current trailer that is used during the Fair more than 15 years old and is starting to fall apart, Kopp said. Construction on the new building wouldn’t begin until after this year’s Fair.

The building would be in the same location as the current trailer that is used, Kopp said. It would have a bathroom, concession stand and press box.

It also would have a PA system hookup that would could be utilized throughout the year.

The building will not cost anything to the city or parks.