The Washington Parks Department comprehensive master plan is nearly complete, Darren Dunkle, parks director, told The Missourian Tuesday.

The rough draft of the plan will be presented to the park board for review during its regular meeting Thursday night.

“I don’t expect a whole lot to change, but there could be some changes and adjustments,” Dunkle said, noting that the city of Washington also is working on its comprehensive plan.

“Some information could be gained through that process that could be utilized in the plan,” he said.

As the park board reviews the 20-chapter document, city personnel also will look at the plan. Once the city and park board have reviewed the document and suggested changes, the park board will approve it and it will go to the city council to be adopted.

The process is expected to be complete in December.

The chapters include a community profile, a review and outline of the 1990 parks and recreation master plan and objectives. Other chapters include public involvement, standards and benchmarking, existing parks, facilities and trails, land acquisition, design development, natural resources and environment, urban forestry and beautification, maintenance operations;

Recreation program services, partnership opportunities, historic, cultural and arts, department staffing, investment priorities and funding options, policies and procedures, public safety and security, park definition and classifications and a strategic action plan.

The purpose of the 20-year plan is to serve as a tool for the development and improvement of the parks system, as well as to establish goals.

The plan project schedule is broken into four phases including review, public engagement, analysis and plan report.