Sales tax figures for the city of Union continue to be on the rise after a 3.75 percent increase last year.

According to Financial Officer Heather Keith, in the first two months of the fiscal year, collection is up 1.87 percent when compared to the previous year.

There has been $11,700 more collected in those two months than in the same period in the 2011-12 fiscal year.

“It is difficult to determine the reason for the increase, but maybe residents are staying closer to home to shop,” Keith said. “Sales tax is running close to budget projections so far this budget year.”

The fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. The city receives a monthly check from the state for sales taxes collected two months prior to when the check is distributed.

For example, the August check was given to the city in October.

Last Year’s Figures

According to Keith, the city collected $3,322,758.80 in taxes in the 2011-12 fiscal year. In the previous year, there was $3,202,756.87 collected.

The city collects a half-cent transportation tax for street construction and maintenance; two quarter-cent sales taxes for water and sewer operations and maintenance; and a 1-cent tax for general revenue.

Keith said the revenue in the general fund increased by $59,978.25 in 2011-12. Collection was higher in eight of the months during the fiscal year compared to the previous year. The total taxes collected in the general fund in 2011-12 was 1,661,368.17 compared to $1,601,389.92.

Sales tax collected for the transportation tax was up $29,989.01 from 2010-11 to 2011-12. The total collected in 2011-12 was $830,684.11.

The first quarter-cent sales taxes for water and sewer operations and maintenance put into effect in 1995 increased by $14,994 from last year and totaled $415,341.95 in 2011-12; while the quarter-cent sales taxes for water and sewer operations and maintenance that began to be collected in 2005, increased by $15,039.83 in 2011-12 to a total of $415,364.57.

Within the city limits there is now a total of 8.475 cents per $1 general sales tax collected, including 4.442 cents collected by the state and 1.75 cents collected by Franklin County. The Union Fire Protection District collects a half cent tax.

Additionally there are two community development districts (CID) in Union where an additional 1-cent sales tax is collected.

A CID is a separate political subdivision under Missouri law governed by a board of directors. The purpose of the district is to generate tax revenue for infrastructure improvements.

The first CID in Union was established to fund infrastructure work at the Walgreens store.

The district is located at East Main and Highway 47 and includes McDonald’s restaurant, Phillips 66 gas station, Super 8 Motel, Movie Gallery and Walgreens.

The second CID was established in 2007 where QuikTrip and the Jack in the Box restaurant are located.