Union School District principals and administrators agreed that the 2012-13 year has gotten off to a great start and that the district has strong enrollment for the year.

“It has been a tremendous start,” said Steve Bryant, district superintendent. “We have a good, strong enrollment so far.”

Each building principal updated the board at its Wednesday night meeting by saying they were excited for the start of the new school year.

Enrollment has increased at nearly every school in the district.

A total of 959 students are enrolled at Union High School over 833 last year. The middle school has held steady with 438 this year. Last year there were 439.

A ninth kindergarten teacher was added at Central Elementary this year. There are 769 students, compared to 757 last year. Clark-Vitt Elementary has 540 students enrolled, up 60 from last year’s total of 480. Beaufort has 432 students this year, compared to 415 last year.

Bryant noted that the numbers will fluctuate over the next several weeks as some students transfer in or out of the district.

This year, the district also has nearly 50 staff members new to the district or to their position, including 27 new teachers.

New positions include Anita Anderson, high school science; Wendii Anderson, Clark-Vitt, fourth-grade teacher; Nathan Bailey; high school assistant principal; Wendy Bouse, paraprofessional; Kent Buxton, high school science; Kim Chasteen, Beaufort, special education;

Megan Conway, Central, third-grade teacher; Amy Cuneio, Central, kindergarten; Jenny Davis, Clark-Vitt principal; Heather Eberlin, high school, VoAg; Jana Flynn, middle school language arts teacher; Catlin Gierer, Clark-Vitt, music;

Katie Henry, high school counselor; Julie James, Central counselor; Theresa Kelley, high school kitchen staff; Debbie Keltner, high school special education; Jillian Kliethermes, Clark-Vitt, sixth-grade teacher;

Sam Kruse, middle school physical education; Leslie Lause, middle school and Clark-Vitt assistant principal; Kevin Losson, district, maintenance; Kyle Mabury, high school VoAg; Robert Madison, Clark-Vitt, fourth grade teacher; Lisa Mathes-Peters, middle school permanent substitute;

Matthew Munro, high school special education; Jacob Nevills, middle school food service; Teresa O’Connor, Middle School permanent substitute; Elizabeth Pursley, Central, second-grade teacher;

Mary Schindler, middle school custodian; Christopher Simmons, high school physical education/health; Michael Underberg, high school history; Faith White, high school special education;

Grant Young, high school physical education/health; Amy Green, middle school science; Michelle Unnerstall, Clark-Vitt, sixth-grade teacher; Jennifer Kelley, Beaufort, fourth-grade teacher; Nick Kelley, middle school computer science;

Sarah Brune, early childhood, clerk; Danielle Berges, high school dance coach; Holly Marquitz, high school cheer coach; Haley Soetebier, high school color guard; Josh Wideman, high school assistant soccer coach;

Yadolla Assareh, Carolyn Dilliard and Leah Maconochie, all paraprofessionals; Karen Russell, district, food service; Ty Crain, middle school principal, Doug Cuneio, high school principal; and Justin Tarte, district, curriculum/support service.