A new dog park is slated to open this Friday, according to Union Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Arand.

The park is located near the sand volleyball courts south of the main city park.

It is funded by an anonymous donor who pledged up to $20,000 to the Union Parks and Recreation Department for the dog park.

The funds also will go toward playground equipment near the volleyball courts.

There are two fenced-off sections, one for large dogs and a second for small dogs. There also is a gated holding area,

“That way, when somebody enters other dogs won’t run out,” he said.

Arand said he recently visited Hannibal to check out that city’s dog park.

He said aggressive dogs are not allowed in the park. He explained that breeds aren’t singled out as aggressive, but those who know they have aggressive dogs should stay out of the park.

“If you know your dog is aggressive, do not bring it,” he added. “You are responsible for your own dog.”

There also is a city safety committee comprised of the Union police chief and local vets that has labeled some dogs as “dangerous.”

“If your dog is deemed a dangerous animal, it is not allowed in dog park,” Arand added.

There is not yet water at the park, but there will be within the next few weeks, he said.

There also is a list of rules placed at the park that all visitors must follow. Dogs also will have to have vet records and be up to date on shots.

Arand said volleyball league play is only one night each week during summer months and people could park at the main city park and walk their dogs to the park. There also will be parking available across the street at the tennis court parking lot.

Plans eventually call for agility toys and other activities for the dogs at the park.