Two major transportation projects have been given preliminary approval for federal grant funding.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann said Judith Spring Road bridge replacement and phase II of Prairie Dell Road work both are on the draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for 2013-2016.

The draft has been submitted for approval to East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWGW).

Zimmermann said he received information from EWGW May 4. The EWGW board of directors will make a final decision on the projects during its July 25 meeting.

Construction date for the projects would be federal fiscal year 2015, which begins October 2014.

Both projects require a 20 percent local match.

Judith Spring Road

The total cost for the bridge replacement project on Judith Spring Road is estimated at $556,326.

The city may receive some funding for the Judith Spring Road project from the Union Special Road District. The entire stretch of the road was within the road district, but the city adopted portions of the road.

According to the bridge inspection report from the Missouri Department of Transportation, Judith Spring Road north of old Highway 50 over Flat Creek, was built in 1960 and has a sufficiency rating of 31.1 percent.

The bridge has the lowest sufficiency rating than any other bridge in the city limits.

Prairie Dell Road

The project would extend already planned improvements on Prairie Dell Road to College Road.

The scope of the proposed project includes widening of the roadway, and new sidewalks. The project is estimated to cost $1,353,250.

Under the current project, in the TIP for 2012-2015, Prairie Dell Road will undergo pavement improvements, pedestrian enhancements, curb and gutter work and widening of the road.

Prairie Dell is a narrow road — about 22 to 23 feet wide, officials have said.

Enhancement Funds

According to EWGW staff members, the Missouri Department of Transportation is anticipated to release Transportation Enhancement (TE) funds.

There is estimated to be $10 million in enhancement funds available to the St. Louis Region, including Franklin County.

The TE funding is for the 2012 fiscal year and will be required to be spent immediately,

Because the TE funding will be required to be spent immediately, staff and the Transportation Planning Committee are recommending to apply the funding to TE “type” projects that can begin this year. The immediate programming of the funds will ensure projects can begin the design process and be under construction as soon as possible.