City officials Monday again discussed the possibility of granting access to swimmers later in the day during some summer evenings.

Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Arand said a Union woman, Karrie Wilmesherr, complained that the Spalsh-N-Swimplex hours don’t accommodate schedules of many residents.

“She felt like when she gets off work, the pool should be open,” said Arand.

Wilmesherr was on the agenda to address the city’s parks, building, development and public service committee, but did not attend the meeting.

Arand noted that there have been many discussions about keeping the pool open later during some nights, but the change would not be cost-effective.

He said it would cost $288 to pay the staff, including concessions staff and lifeguards, to stay open from 6-9 p.m.

That would require 74 “new” pool users to pay for entry to the pool after 6 p.m.

Alderman Dustin Bailey, who serves as liaison to the city’s park advisory board, said its one “traditional” night per week could draw crowds to the pool.

“I’d like to see one night a week consistent through the summer,” he said.

Arand added that there are two nights this summer, July 7 and Aug. 5, that the pool will remain open later, but there have not been many requests by residents for extended hours.

“I can’t even count on one hand the people who approach me or people at the pool who ask about staying open later,” he said.

Arand further noted that there are swim lessons, water aerobics and other programs offered during the evening pool hours.

“I think we need to keep providing that community service to citizens,” he said.

The cost to rent the city pool for an evening party is $400, Arand said, and he doesn’t anticipate opening to the general public would generate that amount.

He said the pool is not a “money maker” but is a service to the community.

“We’re looking at ways to appease everybody and make it manageable for everyone,” Arand said.