City officials will compose a list of narrow roads to possibly limit on-street parking before the planning and zoning commission weighs in on street width ordinance.

City Attorney Tim Melenbrink presented a parking ordinance for review by the planning board last week that includes a regulation that the maximum width of a vehicle that may park on city streets be 8 1/2 feet wide.

There have been complaints that some streets are too narrow when vehicles are parked on each side of the street creating a bottleneck, according to City Administrator Russell Rost.

“This will keep extra-wide vehicles that vehicles can’t pass off the street,” he said.

That includes “duallies” or trailers. The maximum width is from “mirror to mirror,” Rost added.

The city codes states that there must be at least 12 feet of available driving lanes, including streets and alleys.

Police Chief Norman Brune said he and City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann will make recommendations of streets that should be addressed.

“Streets like West State, where there are four to five sideswipes a year, there is talk of limiting parking,” he said.

“In my opinion there should be limited parking on one side,” Brune added.

Brune also mentioned Lindner Lane, which runs between State and Main streets, as a narrow roadway that should be addressed.

“Some of these we just need to bite the bullet and do it,” he said, “but I want guidance from the board.”

He suggested that the city hold a public meeting to hear input about those streets.

Mayor Mike Livengood noted that there are older homes along streets, including State Street, and driveways can’t be widened. The only option for some residents is to park on the street. They could be affected if the parking is limited.

He added that the city will make efforts to inform affected residents if a public hearing is scheduled. There possibly will be fliers posted at those homes.

Rost added that the city can utilize its CodeRed telephone alert system to notify only those who are impacted by the street parking changes.

City Code

Following are other elements of the parking code, many of which have not been changed from the current code:

• No vehicles that weigh smore than 30,000 pounds can be parked on a city street except when loading or unloading, providing service or making emergency repairs;

• No detached trailer, semi trailer or similar vehicle can be parked on any street other than while providing services or during emergency repairs;

• No unlicensed tractors, machinery or equipment can be parked on any street other than while providing services or during emergency repairs;

• Union police have the authority to remove vehicles violating city parking codes;

• The penalty for violating the ordinance is a misdemeanor with a fine ranging from $25-500, or one to 90 days in jail; and

• Disabled vehicles cannot be parked on any public street more than 72 hours.