Construction on upgrades to Denmark Road are slated to begin as early as next year, but possibly the following year, officials said Monday.

David Christensen, engineer with Chocran, told a city committee that the survey work for the project is complete and the next phase will be to obtain right of way.

The widening project includes new 12-foot wide lanes and shoulders from Prairie Dell Road to just east of St. Andrews Drive. The lanes and shoulders will be a total of 28 feet wide.

Residents and aldermen have requested that the road be widened due to safety concerns. The road is between 19 and 21 feet wide along the stretch between St. Andrews Drive and the Union Fire Protection District House No. 2.

Plans also call for a 5 foot sidewalk along that stretch of the road.

“There are some areas with drop-offs and are really tights,” Christensen said. “We will have some guardrails to make it safer.”

The project is funded through the Surface Transportation Program (STP).

The 80-20 cost-share project would require over $213,000 in local funds and $854,000 in federal funds for a total of $1,067,000.


Engineers still are considering modifications to the intersection to slow down traffic.

Mayor Mike Livengood noted that there is a line of sight issue for motorists exiting the St. Andrews subdivision.

Christensen said some possibilities to slow traffic are a landscaped island, west of the intersection which studies show slows traffic from both directions, or a colored, textured intersection.

The textured intersection could include brick pavers or cobblestones.

Christensen noted that there would not be a roundabout at St. Andrews Drive and Denmark Road.

He added that there is about $100,000 to fund whatever type of intersection aldermen agreed upon.

Christensen said there would be a crosswalk across Denmark Road near that intersection when asked by Alderman Dustin Bailey.

In 2008, the East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWGW) approved the city’s request to redesignate Denmark Road, Prairie Dell Road and East Main Street to “urban collector” streets from “local roads.” That upgrade was needed in order to receive STP funding.

Officials have said in the future when the city widens Denmark Road east of St. Andrews Drive, the city will have to seek land from private landowners.

Another challenge during a future project is a low-water bridge east of St. Andrews Drive.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann has said that the city’s street department has worked on the bridge but it may have to be replaced.