A man trying to land an airplane at the Sullivan Regional Airport last Saturday morning experienced some difficulties and ended up steering the craft off the runway.

John Tinner, of High Ridge, was not injured but his older, rudder-steered plane sustained some damage.

Sullivan Police Department Officer Ralph Finn told The Missourian this week that Tinner was attempting to land the plane at the airport at about 10:30 a.m. on Aug. 11 when he experienced some kind of mechanical problem.

“He landed and ended up running off the left side of the runway,” Finn said. “The plane continued and went down a ditch and hit the other side of it.”

Finn said the propeller was broken and the wheels under the craft were damaged.

The officer said someone who witnessed the incident called 911.

The man stores the plane in a hangar at the Sullivan airport. The craft had to be towed from the scene.