Milling Work on Route 47

Crews with Magruder Paving, LLC, worked Monday evening paving and resurfacing Highway 47 in Washington. Here, milling work is performed between the bridge and Third Street. The Missouri Department of Transportation awarded a contract to Magruder to resurface the highway and redo intersections from the bridge to a point 630 feet south of Steutermann Road. Work is expected to be completed in three weeks, depending on the weather.

After a rain delay last week, paving and resurfacing work along Highway 47 in Washington got under way Monday evening.

The project’s general contractor, Magruder Paving LLC, began operations on southbound Highway 47 at the bridge over the Missouri River Monday evening and worked on various lanes between the bridge and Eighth Street.

Work is being done during weeknights from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.

If everything goes well and weather cooperates, the contractor anticipates that milling and asphalt work at the intersection of Highways 47 and 100 will take place overnight Wednesday, April 18.

Magruder informed the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) that its crews expect work at that intersection to last a couple of nights.

Crews plan to avoid working on that intersection Friday night, April 20, because of expected heavier traffic volumes.

After improvements to the intersection at Highways 47 and 100 are made, motorists waiting to turn right will be oriented more perpendicular to the side street for improved visibility of oncoming traffic. This will help reduce right angle crashes, according to MoDOT.

Once completed, lanes along Highway 47 from the bridge to a point 630 feet south of Steutermann Road will be resurfaced.

Existing pavement at the all intersections with traffic signals is being dug out and replaced with 4 inches of high-grade asphalt.

The rest of the highway is being resurfaced with a three-quarters-inch ultrathin bonded wearing surface.

Drivers are being warned of a temporary 2-inch difference in the height of the pavement between some of the lanes at certain points. Signs have been posted to advise motorists of this condition.

Milling work also is expected to impact the traffic signal detection so motorists may notice some delays when waiting at traffic signals.

Some signals will flash during the night, with flaggers directing traffic sometimes, according to the contractor.

While some lanes will always be open, this work requires no intersections to be completely closed.

MoDOT is asking for motorists to have patience during this construction.

After the paving work is complete, sidewalks at intersections along Highway 47 in the city limits will be made ADA-compliant.

The Highway 47 project should be finished in about three weeks, depending on the weather.