Franklin County may have to delay an ongoing bridge project following a discovery in pre-cast deck panels, the county’s highway administrator announced Tuesday.

Highway Administrator Eva Gadcke said the county’s highway engineer, Joe Feldmann, confirmed the hairline fractures in the deck panels that were to be used on the Country Club Road bridge replacement.

Gadcke told county commissioners that the panels will either have to be repaired or replaced, but wasn’t sure which course the Missouri Department of Transportation will dictate.

Gadcke said MoDOT has approved repairs to similar deck panels in the past, but because of the nature of the hairline fractures, county personnel are unsure if the panels could crack further.

Concrete is poured on top of the panels to make the bridge deck.

Regardless of the state’s decision, Gadcke said the discovery of the fractures will likely result in lost time on the project.

The project has been on schedule up to this point, she noted.