A civil setting has been scheduled for Monday, June 18, at 9 a.m. for the lawsuit filed against the Franklin County Commission by three county residents.

The suit was brought against the county by Eric Reichert and Art LeBeau, both of Villa Ridge, and Ron Keeven, New Haven.

The suit says it is illegal for Commissioners Ann Schroeder and Terry Wilson to cede their authority in signing a legal contract to only one individual, in this case Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer.

The men filed the suit asking for an injunction against a specific commission order which has to do with refinancing the county’s outstanding certificate of participation bonds.

LeBeau has said publicly the suit is not about preventing the refinancing, but he, Reichert and Keeven all have publicly spoken against the county’s use of the lease-back bonds.

County commissioners were scheduled to meet in closed session Friday, June 1, to discuss litigation, but the suit is only one of three currently pending against the commission.

After several judges in the 20th Circuit recused themselves from the case, it finally ended up before Judge John Berkemeyer, Hermann.

County Counselor Mark Vincent and Deputy Counselor Joe Purschke are seeking to have the suit dismissed, calling the plaintiffs’ claims vindictive and asking for a $2 million bond.

The plaintiffs filed a response, calling Vincent’s claims “potentially libelous.”

Vincent said the bond would allow the county to recoup losses if interest rates increase from their present levels, thereby reducing the overall savings the county could get by refinancing.