A two-year undercover drug investigation concluded last week with the arrests of seven suspects in different parts of Franklin County.

The suspects, who allegedly sold a variety of drugs to an undercover narcotics investigator, are charged in grand jury indictments with multiple felony drug counts.

The suspects were rounded up by the Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit and county deputies Friday, June 17.

Among the drugs purchased in the operation were crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, Ecstacy, psychedelic mushrooms and prescription drugs, the undercover officer told The Missourian.

The officer said he also purchased a variety of guns from the suspects.

Charged in the indictments are:

• Benjamin C. Abela, 24, Washington;

• Stephanie L. Eads, 38, Union;

• Joseph M. Kessler, 22, Washington;

• Kyle West, 25, Sullivan;

• Diana J. Kleinheider, 46, Washington;

• John H. Dykhuizen, 46, St. Clair; and

• Mirsad Makic, 20, Union.

The investigator said another suspect, Kasey K. Krekel, 22, Union, also is charged in an indictment but is already in the Missouri Department of Corrections serving a sentence in a previous case.

At least two other suspects were indicted in the investigation but had not been located by investigators. By law, their names cannot be released until the indictments are served.