Franklin County Commissioner Terry Wilson said there was some “misunderstanding” on things said at a public hearing two weeks ago on a request to annex a parcel of land off East Highway 100.

The Aug. 1 hearing was held on a request from Jeff Wilson, Wilson & Company Properties, for voluntary annexation of a 1.23-acre parcel at 4832 South Point Road. The property is adjacent to the eastbound Highway 100 lanes, just east of South Point Road/East Fifth Street.

During the hearing, Connie Groff, council member, questioned whether Jeff Wilson had satisfied conditions set by the county in exchange for dismissing four misdemeanor charges against him. Those conditions, she said, were that Jeff Wilson was to pay the county’s legal fees incurred in the case, obtain permits for the site and have the property annexed by the city.

Groff said she had asked Commissioner Terry Wilson earlier the day of the hearing about the status of the agreement and he said the fees were not paid and no permits were issued.

Monday night, Terry Wilson addressed the council and said that Jeff Wilson had paid the attorney fees and that the county had applications for electrical and construction permits but was waiting for an engineer to sign off on them before they would be issued.

“This goes back to 2009,” Terry Wilson said. He asked the council to show some latitude “based on the fact that he (Jeff Wilson) met the judgment.”

City Counselor Mark Piontek said he received a letter from Joe Purschke, the county’s attorney in the matter, which indicates that Jeff Wilson had paid the fees and was waiting to get the building permit.

Groff said when she talked to Terry Wilson he said that fees had not been paid.

Later in the meeting, Groff responded to statements made at the hearing by Councilman Tim Brinker who indicated that Groff had a personal agenda because her daughter is the senior planner for the county.

“Everything I said was factual. Mr. Brinker turned it into a personal issue,” Groff said.

“My daughter had nothing to do with this. I intentionally went to other sources for my research. I drew on that and nothing more,” she said. “It had absolutely nothing to do with my daughter.”

This is Jeff Wilson’s third attempt to get the property annexed. He became embroiled in a dispute with both Franklin County and the city over the digital billboard because he failed to obtain a permit from the county before erecting it and because the billboard does not meet county or city requirements for setbacks from highway right of way.

The council took no action following the hearing because of a law requiring a 15-day waiting period. A vote on the voluntary annexation petition is expected in September.