A pickup truck, trailer and jet ski that sank at the Washington riverfront Thursday evening were recovered about three hours later that night.

Washington police and firefighters were called to the Lafayette Street boat ramp on the Missouri River shortly before 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

No injuries were reported.

Deputy Chief Tim Frankenberg said the truck, trailer and jet ski owned by Daniel Loerch, Union, sank after a friend of the owner’s thought the truck was in the drive gear but actually had it in reverse.

Loerch’s friend was able to get out of the truck before it sank.

Frankenberg said the truck, trailer and jet ski all floated downstream about 200 to 300 feet east of the boat ramp.

Using a magnet on the Washington Fire Department’s rescue boat, firefighters were able to locate the truck, trailer and watercraft.

Fire crews used large grappling hooks to retrieve all three but during their attempt, the jet ski got loose and floated downstream to the site of the old sand plant near the riverfront.

Washington crews were able to recover the jet ski and tie it to land there.

Frankenberg told The Missourian because it was getting dark and felt conditions were becoming unsafe, he was about to call off the efforts to retrieve the truck and trailer.

Frankenberg allowed Sturms Towing to try again and this time, the wrecker was able to raise the trailer first followed by the truck.

Frankenberg said the jet ski looked fine and that the trailer sustained some damage during recovery efforts, but “it’s probably salvageable.”

Frankenberg said he believes the truck is “probably totaled.”

Recovery efforts wrapped up around 9:15 p.m.