Large Spill on HWY 47

Southbound traffic on Highway 47 had to be diverted through the Washington Crossing Shopping Center Wednesday morning, Nov. 21, while Washington firefighters and police handled a large chemical spill in the southbound lanes, just north of Steutermann Road.

Tim Frankenberg, assistant fire chief, said an IESI trash truck was hauling a calcium fluoride slurry solution en route to a landfill in Richwoods when the material spilled out onto the roadway. The load was wetter than normal and when the driver hit his brakes the solution “sloshed” out of the truck, Frankenberg said.

The spill was reported about 7:25 a.m. and as of 9:30 a.m. the highway still was closed while crews waited for the arrival of a remediation company to vacuum up the material.

Frankenberg said workers with the city’s public works department delivered a load of sand which firefighters used to build a containment dam around the spill.

The slurry, a waste byproduct from the RTI Tradco plant, was about a quarter-inch thick on the highway, Frankenberg said.

The cleanup was completed shortly before noon, according to reports.