A Catawissa area man is the first Franklin County resident to die from extreme heat conditions this summer.

The Franklin County Health Department reported this week that the man died Friday, Aug. 3.

“Although the weather has somewhat normalized in the last few days, it (the death) was reported out of the medical examiner’s office yesterday,” Conn Roden, administrator of the health department, reported in an email released Wednesday.

The sheriff’s office identified the victim as Lloyd W. Borgstede, 65, of the Lake Serene subdivision off Highway HH.

According to Roden, temperatures in the house without air conditioning were in the range of 105-106 degrees. The death was the result of pre-existing medical conditions exacerbated by hyperthermia, Roden said.

“This event serves as a grim reminder that the summer is not over and extended periods of heat may be very harmful for the very young, elderly or those with pre-existing medical conditions,” Roden said.