Alumni of the Year

Linda Mahon, left, a 1988 graduate of East Central College, received the Alumni of the Year Award at the college’s commencement ceremony Thursday, May 10.  Jean McCann, ECC’s vice president of instruction, made the presentation.

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Linda Mahon, of Union, received the East Central College Outstanding Alumni Award for 2012.

The award is presented annually to honor an ECC graduate who has used his or her education and been of service to the community.

Jean McCann, ECC’s vice president of instruction, made the presentation at college commencement ceremonies held Thursday, May 10, at the campus in Union.

McCann noted that for the past decade the East Central College Alumni Association has recognized an outstanding alumnus or alumna.

During that span the organization has honored community members who have used their education from ECC as a steppingstone to community service; advocacy; work in the private sector, government, health care and education; and in many ways made memorable contributions to their community

“As the 2012 award recipient, Linda Mahon has added a new dimension to the award and is being recognized largely for her contributions to East Central College,” McCann stated.

“In 1984, Linda found herself at one of life’s crossroads and chose education,” said McCann. “As an adult returning learner, her time at ECC changed her life forever.

After completing an associate of arts degree in 1988, Mahon transferred to Washington University. In 1990 she received a bachelor’s degree in history from that institution. In 2000 she earned a master’s degree in history at Southern Illinois University is Edwardsville.

“As a graduate of three institutions, Linda was regularly hearing from two alumni associations,” McCann said. “Rather than simply question why ECC had no active alumni group, Linda decided to do something about it. Working tirelessly to find ways for ECC alumni to extend their connection to the college and the community, she fostered those relationships through an organization that is today’s ECC Alumni Association. This labor of love was just one of many ways that she firmed her connection with the college.”

Mahon was a longtime contributor, collaborator and volunteer at the college’s International Day. She is a regular volunteer at other Foundation and alumni events, including the golf tournament and fundraising at the Washington Town and Country Fair.

Another of Mahon’s passions, history, has also played an important role in her life. Through research for her thesis, she became a fixture at the Washington Historical Society, an organization that has benefited from her involvement. Her research into the history of Union became a 437-page document titled “Waiting for the Road: Union, Missouri to 1901.”

“Whether as local historian, proud alumna of ECC, lifelong learner, volunteer, supporter or fundraiser, Linda carved her own road,” McCann said.

Mahon lives in Union with her husband Bob. The couple have, between them, four sons and six grandchildren.

The East Central College Alumni Association established the award in 2002 to recognize outstanding alumni who have set an example for ECC graduates by using their college education and serving their community.