With less than two months until this year’s general election, the big spenders in local races appear to be two of the incumbents — Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, and Paul Curtman, R-Pacific.

The two Republicans, both currently serving in the Missouri House of Representatives, are seeking new terms, but are doing so in new districts.

The state drew up new districts following the 2010 U.S. Census.

Schatz ran unopposed in the August primary for the new 61st District, which will include about three-fourths of the city of Washington, a portion of northwestern Franklin County and part of Gasconade County.

He is facing Michael Sage, D-Hermann, in November. Sage was unopposed in August.

Curtman also was unopposed in August, as was his general election opponent, Ann Schroeder, D-Union, the current Franklin County second district commissioner.

They are running for the new 109th District Missouri House seat.

Both Schatz and Curtman will have to physically move their residences if they win in November, however — neither one’s current home is within the district boundaries for which they’re running.

State law allows candidates to run in a district they don’t reside in following a redistricting if they relocate there within a year, and they live in an area which was previously in a district included, in part, in the new district.

Schatz has received a total of $49,588.38, according to his 30-day post-primary election report filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Curtman reported $67,034.75 in receipts.

Schatz’s largest contributors for the period included the Ameren Missouri Political Action Committee, which has donated $1,300 to his campaign this year so far, and $1,500 from the Physicians Professional Indemnity Association.

He also contributed $3,961 to the Missouri House Republican Campaign Committee in mid-August.

Curtman has received $2,000 from the campaign committee of Tim Jones, the new Speaker of the House.

Some of his other large contributions were from Donald Williams, Wildwood, who gave $1,000; Gerard Hellebusch, a Washington business owner who has given Curtmann $3,900; the GCLA PAC, $1,500; and Jan Brunner, wife of former U.S. Senate candidate John Brunner, who gave Curtman $5,000.

Schroeder reported $8,316.78 in receipts and $6,339.41 in expenditures.

Only two contributions were listed in her most recent report — $500 from Shaukat Thanawalla, Washington, and $250 from Zagarri Engineering.

Zagarri Engineering is the Eureka-based firm of Vince Zagarri, who serves as the county’s interim 911 director.

Sage reported $2,130 in receipts and $1,250.52 in expenditures.

His largest contribution came from the Gasconade County Democratic Central Committee. The committee gave his campaign $400.

In the races for county office, it’s the Democratic candidates who are spending the most.

Teresa Connelly, D-Union, has spent $4,798.38 on her campaign to replace Schroeder on the county commission.

Her opponent, Mike Schatz, R-Sullivan, has spent $3,498.41.

Schatz has reported $3,740 in receipts for the election versus Connelly’s $6,865.99.

Schatz reported one contribution of $500 from Shenna Halmich, Union, for the period. Connelly reported $100 from Gene Scott, Labadie, former Franklin County presiding commissioner.

Angela Beckett, the Democratic candidate for county assessor, has reported $3,905 in receipts and $3,593.42 in expenditures.

Her opponent, incumbent Tom Copeland, reported $1,984.90 in expenditures and $1,952.94 in receipts.

Mary Jo Straatmann, the Democratic candidate for public administrator, reported $8,524.64 in receipts and $5,184.66 in expenditures.

Her opponent, Julie Bowen, has reported $850.77 in receipts and $3,250.77 in expenditures.

A large portion of her campaign, $1,100.77, has been self-financed.

Straatmann reported $1,355 in contributions from Kevin Staatmann, her campaign treasurer, and $3,000 in indebtedness.